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Verhees Textiles

Boho Geo Cinnamon & Purple Lenzing Ecovero

Boho Geo Cinnamon & Purple Lenzing Ecovero

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Verhees Textiles x Nerida Hansen

Lenzing Ecovero 

Design Credit : Katie Byrne

Price is for 50 cm - Cut in Continuous Length

Lenzing Ecovero is a sustainable and eco-friendly type of viscose rayon that is derived from renewable wood sources.

Lenzing Ecovero is processed using Closed-Loop Production, which means that the chemicals and solvents used are recycled and reused, reducing water consumption and minimizing the release of harmful substances to the environment.

We hope all garments sewn by our customers are never sent to landfill.  When you are finished with it, please hand it down, sell the garment, upcycle it or recycle it. As a last resort, I do prefer Lenzing fibres because they are biodegradable and can naturally decompose with a much lower rate of carbon dioxide emissions and no other toxic substance release compared to other rayons.  

Ecovero is known for its softness, breathability, and comfort, making it suitable for a wide range of clothing applications, including dresses, tops, shirts, and other fashion items.

Composition: 100% Lenzing Ecovero
Fabric width: 140cm
Weight: 115gsm
Country of origin: China

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