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Verhees Textiles

Stripe Crisp Cobalt Collection Cotton Satin

Stripe Crisp Cobalt Collection Cotton Satin

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Verhees Textiles x Nerida Hansen

Cotton Satin

Design Credit : Katie Kortman

This cotton satin is made with a high thread count cotton using a “four-over-one-under” pattern which it gives the fabric its characteristic sheen and softness.

It is made with a high thread-count and long-staple cotton fibers which contribute to a smooth and luxurious finish as well as a denser, more durable fabric.

Despite its luxe impression our cotton sateen does not slip around when sewing.

Composition: cotton sateen
Fabric width: 150cm
Weight: 115gsm
Country of origin: Netherlands

Estimated shrinkage: within 5%
Care: cold machine wash, gentle cycle, line dry, preferably spot wash

Suitable: apparel, bedding, ties, home décor, scarves, pyjamas, boxer shorts
Printing: OEKO-TEX® certified

Fabric Print Colour and Vibrancy:
Please note that whilst we endeavour to show the fabric online in its truest form,  the fabric colours and vibrancy may vary from the digital image presented here. Please also consider the nature of the fabric you have selected and how this pattern will respond. 

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